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Anios Interpreters

The LIS interpreter.



Sign Language interpreters are professionals who provide interpretation services from and into spoken/signed languages.



Among their competences are translation, simultaneous or consecutive interpreting from LIS into Italian and vice versa. LIS interpreters can also interpret from LIS into a foreign sign language and vice versa.


Sign Language interpreters operate in various  situations, such as:


- Community interpreting : private meetings with doctors, attorneys , etc. .


- Conference services : conferences, conventions, seminars, workshops , etc. .


- Interpreting in the educational field : schools , universities, etc. .


- Leisure: shows, theater, etc. .


- Sport events : competitions, contests , etc. .




Italian Sign Language Interpreters’ mission statement.


The gradual emancipation of Deaf People and their increased awareness and pride of their own identity , raised in the Deaf Community the need of  more means to assert their rights, in order to achieve social and cultural integration. One of these "means" is the LIS interpreter, an expert who developed from Deaf People’s desire to establish an equal relationship with the Hearing Community . Sign language interpreters are often selected and trained by  Deaf people themselves; they developed in professionality thanks to Deaf People . This means that LIS interpreters are and always will be close to the Deaf Community . But in times when some professional certainties seem to be lacking, when many put forwards assistants , tutors , helpers , facilitators; when the Deaf world itself seems to misconcept the role and the value of  Sign language interpreters; WE claim the need for a thorough consideration on our profession , and we say that :


- Sign language interpreters are part of the communication process ; they are between two languages, cultures and communities. 


- Sign language interpreters are free in their own work , must not be bound by political opinions or religious beliefs. They must be independent in deciding whether to accept or reject an assignment, and in selecting the most appropriate techniques and methods of implementation of the service they are providing.


- Sign language interpreters are trained professionals recognized as such by their colleagues and their users.


- Sign language interpreters are entitled to claim fair working conditions and a proper fare for their assignments. 


- Sign language interpreters are responsible for their own work towards users and colleagues and they have legal responsability as well.


- Sign language interpreters have the duties of dignity and propriety respectability , confidentiality and secrecy before, during and after an assignment.


-  Sign language interpreters must be fair, accurate and must respect the professionality of colleagues.


This is a mission statement and is intended to be open to contributions; shall everyone make good use of it .


                                 Anios - Association of Italian Sign Language Interpreters